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What does winter feel like? - Aberdeen Music Hall exhibition

This piece originated by considering the theme of winter. Winter is a dark time of year and what is it that helps sustain us through it? As an abstract painter what came to mind is the sense of light, the beautiful Scottish light of the North East which is always sunrise or sunset, but also the festive holiday lights which bring so much cheer. Light as a symbol of warmth, of unity, can bring us through the winter and also through this challenging covid time. The long-form developed organically, growing into a leaf-shaped sliver of light which, situated between the doors of the Music Hall, is an invitation to enter in and find warmth in celebrating culture and each other's company.                                                               Step into the light , pastel painting, 70cm x 100cm, 2021, was recently commissioned and is currently on display at the  Aberdeen Music Hall . 

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