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What happens, happens mostly without you

calm down what happens happens mostly without you -Albers
What is it that happens, and where do you stand? Is it creativity that's being spoken about here? Does most of it happen without you, when you stand back to allow it to take place?

There is a new poetry book which recalls the practices of Joseph Albers, John Cage and others. I remember reading about Alber's Black Mountain College where he promoted creativity within the environment of community. The poetry here reinforces the ideas behind creative experiment and the abstract pathways of making. As Victoria Nebolsin in her article The Artists Who Wrote Poetry at Black Mountain states, "each verse strives for something larger: a way to liberate art as a process of genuine living and to liberate the self through the act of communing with others". 

These lines in the above poem are poignant for what I am working with at the moment, process and stepping back from the intellectual making and allowing the movement of colour …

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