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Aberdeen Art Gallery micro-commission

  “The idea-the imaginative concept- actually is the giving of life and vitality to material.”                                                                                                          -Barbara Hepworth Becoming , 110x100cm, oil on canvas, 2021 The painting  Becoming  is about an experience of colour and form in the first instance. It also speaks to the ideas which have influenced its realization, namely an investigation into historical depictions of women’s work and the contemporary female aesthetic within the Aberdeen Art Gallery collections. It also has to do with the artists individual experience of exploring feminism alongside the unpredictable nature of artistic practice. This painting responds to two artworks in particular, Tracy Emin’s prominent neon heart  For You  and Barbara Hepworth’s  Meditation . Emin’s heart expresses a feminine aesthetic through its colours and subtle message. The ‘x’ at the end of the poem is reminiscent of a kiss from a text message. Th

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