Wolf Kahn - "the unpredictability of his restless brush"

I have just been reading an old article on Wolf Kahn's work. I loved his paintings and pastel pieces as an art student in Vermont years ago, and I still feel strongly that his work with color is exceptional. Now reading Lucinda Franks article Unlocking the Unconscious  I find that his way of working resonates with me as well. It is about intuition and spontaneity and feeling your way into and through a painting. Here are a few pertinent quotes from the article:

“Art is playing, dancing, spontaneity."
“We are going through an age when art is right-brained, full of intentional tricks, and it will pass.” “I’m old hat. My art doesn’t hurt. I feel good about what I’m doing because it gives pleasure, and like all good painting, it provides continuity in our lives.”


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