renew recycle reuse...

I'm finding that I have so much material already at hand, paper from my watercolour days, canvas stretching pliers, damar varnish stones, rabbit skin glue, chalk, paints, inks, and it's so nice to be putting them to use again!

I've been experimenting a lot recently, with various techniques such as mono-screen printing on paper and screen printing on fabric, silk and cloth. We sold some printed bags at the Newton Dee Christmas Fair last weekend, so that was nice to see my art be useful again to someone else.

I've started drawing with pastels, because they are so immediate and because of the fact that they are pure pigment and the colour so vibrant. Colour scapes and abstract forms. I drew some with my daughter which added a lot more abstraction!

I started making two large canvases, cutting the wood, stretching the canvas, making rabbit skin glue again and priming them. It's been a process and I guess it would have been better to start smaller, but there is something in me that wants to expand. I'm looking at colour and the experience of colour on a large scale is so much more rich. So now I need to explore and see what will happen on these canvases...


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