Process painting

I am conscious that I'm more interested in the process of painting than the product. I enjoy being in the process of creating. I realised, after looking process painting up, that it has existed since the '70s with Louise Morris and Frankenthaler in their stain paintings, among others. It is also similarly connected to colour field paintings, which is where I first found myself drawn to.

More recently it is still being explored and is very much alive. It is also called process arts and spontaneous process painting or process-oriented craftwork, and it is connected to art therapy, and there are group workshops and retreats focusing on this method.

My recent exploration with pastels was definitely about allowing myself the freedom to explore colour and form in a quick and direct way. Using pure pigment in pastels allowed for strong colours and then the colour filled pictures where not quite enough, so the movement came in organically and became the circling lines which bring a more dynamic element to the images.


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