Emma Kunz's art

Swiss artist Emma Kunz was working at the time of Hilma af Klint in early 20th century, and her work runs in a similar vein of spirituality and muse directed inspiration. Though she was deeply engrossed in making art she did not want her art to be seen until far after her death, this too is a similarity with af Klint. She worked primarily as a naturopath and healer.
Her drawings are currently being exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery in the show Emma Kunz: Visionary Drawings.
What interests me about her work is the spiritual aspect and the fact that she was channelling another dimension through the making of art. She was a clairvoyant who foresaw the atomic bomb's tragedies. There is something fascinating about this aspect. She had a "special gift of sensing networks of mutual influences and non-empirical forces." (Maria Cynkier for Hyperallergic)

In my research I am looking at the creative process and how different disassociative states arise in the practice of art. Some articles are related to clairvoyance and the spiritualist movement, and some research looks at scientific studies of mental activity. It's amazing to think about and even more so to experience moments of this state. This is what makes me return again and again to making art, this experience of being in a state of flow, presence, awareness. I believe unconsciously this is probably so for many other artists as well. 


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