Creativity in a time of Crisis

So I put together this little PowerPoint for our first virtual MA meeting today. It is just a little summary of what I've been reading and thinking about at the moment, trying to stay creative and find my feet during this time of crisis. The Coronavirus Covid-19 has arrived in Scotland and we are currently in lockdown. Family life takes precedence, I've been trying to initiate homeschooling, keeping peace and food on the table for hungry kids is a priority, and art will have to wait. But there are ways of bringing creativity into daily life, and to respond creatively to change. Art isn't just about the routine of being in the studio, but about responding in a creative positive way, and not being derailed by negativism, panic or chaos. I know once a new rhythm begins, I will be able to fit in more art-making. For now, I have lots of inspiration for my political new series and I have started a daily sketch. 


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