Painting the breathe


I discovered an artist who I am inspired by, Jeppe Hein, who explores painting and breath work. The article on Jeppe Hein's 'breathwork' in The Art Newspaper speaks about how it works and has developed. It was used at a UN climate summit in New York city to engage participants in making art. It related to climate change because we are all on this planet together, breathing the same air, and it is this connection to self that is important. How do we tackle or even imagine these immense climate problems? By staying in the body (through the breath and the physicality of making), which helps realize our individuality but also serves to show us how we are connected to others and to the planet.  

The breathe with me project helps people actively participate in making, and his videos are particularly interesting, connecting people and cultures from around the world through the simple idea of breathing.

This is relevant to my practice in that I have been thinking about the use of attention and slowing down in my painting. Artmaking engages the body because of the physicality of the process, and the emotions and intellect are usually engaged through the subject matter used.  But focusing more on embodiment during the process helps you/me take a break from all the mental busyness of the usual intellectual dialogue or surrounding chaos, and this can start with just one breath.  



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